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Quartz machine machinery

Quartz machine/machinery

JTM is the leading company in the production of machines and plants for processing of engineered quartz stone (composite quartz stone).

For decades people widely accept the principle that quartz machine are complicate machines with high end technology.  But JTM does not agree with this point.  JTM has invented the patent and revolutionary production line machinery and plant to produce quartz stone /quartz surface.  With more than 15 years experience, JTM know all the secrets of quartz production and introduce our vision to more than 100 quartz factories world wide and install more than 500 quartz lines. 

With the help of JTM, they are enjoying the production of quartz slab in a simple and efficient ways.

Quartz machine machinery

Engineered Quartz Slab Machinery is mainly used to produce engineered quartz slab, quartz surface in a simple and efficient way.  JTM Engineered quartz slab machinery, also named as Artificial Quartz Stone Production Line or Engineered Quartz Slab Production Line, is the best choice of engineered quartz slab manufacturers. JTM gains great reputation cause the quartz slab machine we offer is with very practical design, very stable performance, very high capacity as well as with very low running cost.  We help our customer to win the competitive competition in China market, and now we introduce our experience to all over the world.

Engineered Quartz Slab Machinery

About Engineered Quartz Slab Machinery
JTM Engineered Quartz Slab Machinery (Mainly Quartz Slab Press Machine )is 2 times the speed of other press, save 50% Electricity, save 10% material, save 5-10% polyster resin.
JTM Engineered Quartz Stone Machinery mainly include two separate lines: Quartz slab line and Stone polishing line.
Quartz Slab line also known as Quartz Stone Press Line, main purpose of this line is to press the slab in mold and make it become hard after heating in the oven. Main machines of the quartz slab line are Artificial Stone MixerQuartz Slab Press Machine, Quartz Slab Hardening Oven .
Stone Plishing line is mainly used to calibrate and polish the slab to get a high gloss. Main machines of the stone plishing line are stone calibration machinestone polishing machinestone cutting machine and stone slab robot hand

Engineered Quartz Slab Machinery

JTM Engineered Quartz Slab Machinery videos:

JTM has installed more than 500 Engineered Quartz Slab Machinery worldwide.

Main Specifications of JTM Engineered Quartz Slab Machinery




Max  width(mm)



Max length(mm)



Main power(kw)









Related Products

Artificial stone mixer

Artificial Stone Mixer for engineered quartz slab machinery

Artificial stone mixer is used to mix materials in quartz stone
production line.
: 1200-3500mm.
Capacity : 200-3000kg
Mixing time: 3-5 minutes

Motor Power: 18.5KW-55KW


Quartz Slab Press Machine for engineered quartz slab machinery


   JTM quartz slab press machine is fast: 2-3 min per slab.

   Slab size : Width 700-3500mm, Length 2440-3500mm.

   Capacity : 20-30 slabs per hour

   Main power: 30KW

Stone Calibration Machine

 Stone Calibration Machine for engineered quartz slab machinery


 Stone calibration machine is with heavy duty satallite head

 Slab Width: 600-2000mm
 Motor Power: 22KW per head

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine for engineered quartz slab machinery


 Stone Polishing machine is with heavy duty head with 6 pcs T2 Abrasive

 Slab Width: 600-2000mm
 Motor Power: 11KW per head

Stone Cutting Machine

Stone Cutting Machine for engineered quartz slab machinery


 Stone cutting machine with multi blades with high efficiency

 Slab Width: 600-2000mm
 Motor Power: 11KW per blade

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