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Quartz polishing production line

Quartz is a kind of mineral resource with stable physical and chemical properties. The crystal belongs to trigonal oxide mineral. The quartz block is also called silica. It is mainly used for producing quartz sand. It is also used for quartz refractory and firing ferrosilicon..

The utility model aims to provide quartz polishing production line of utand for quartz stone processing, so as to solve the problems raised in the above background technology.

To achieve the above-mentioned purposes, quartz polishing production line of utand the following technical scheme: a quartz polishing production line for quartz stone processing, including a polishing device main body, a fixing device, a pressure sensor, a turning mechanism, a lifting mechanism, a sliding groove, a rotating motor, a cylinder, a polishing felt and a telescopic rod, the fixing device is arranged in the polishing device.

The rotating motor is arranged on the top of the polishing device body, the cylinder is arranged below the rotating motor, the polishing felt is fixed at the bottom of the cylinder one, the pressure sensor is arranged inside the polishing felt, the turning mechanism is arranged below the polishing felt, and the lifting mechanism is arranged under the turning mechanism. Under the rotating mechanism, the telescopic rod is arranged on the right side of the turning mechanism, the right end of the telescopic rod is connected with a cylinder 2, and the sliding groove is arranged in the internal part of the fixing device.

Preferably, the fixing device comprises a fixing frame and a fixing seat which are arranged at the upper part of the fixing device and the fixing seat which is arranged at the bottom of the fixing frame.

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