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The Benefits of Artificial Quartz Stone Machinery

Solid surface material is composed of unsaturated polyester resin and acrylic resin as the main adhesive, followed by aluminum hydroxide with natural mineral powder as filler, pigments and various color particles plus a small amount of initiator. solid surface quartz machinery manufacturer for production process of solid surface quartz slab, solid surface quartz machinery is needed.

Characteristics of solid surface: comprehensive performance: solid surface hardness, rigidity, toughness, weight between natural stone and wood, with high strength and impact strength, followed by easy design, processing, transportation, installation, renovation, repair, etc., especially the processing of various products can be integrated, no bond marks.

Pollution resistance: with chemical corrosion resistance, low water absorption, no small pores on the surface, so high quality natural stone and wood pollution resistance.

solid surface quartz machinery of Colors: Brilliant can make you as you like, can meet the needs of different users and designs, can avoid the natural materials of a single color and uneven color.

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